Ingmar Slomic

Chief Data Officer, 501 Data Solutions

Ingmar is a founding member of 501 Data Solutions, where he leverages his depth of knowledge in data integration and data quality management to serve the nonprofit sector. With a focus on continuous improvement through best practices and tool development, he brings a unique set of skills to any project.


He has worked for the most successful CRM vendors in the nonprofit space and has years of experience rolling out enterprise data conversions for the top-rated nonprofit organizations in the country. From high-profile PBS TV markets to the largest affiliated national organizations, his 20 years in the nonprofit sector have resulted in a broad base of experience in supporting all technical aspects of fundraising operations.


As part of the leadership team, he continues to follow his passion for technical work in the nonprofit space. He is a dynamic, out-of-the-box leader who brings humor and a personal style that builds trust, helps clients navigate challenging projects, and above all—delivers excellent results.